Who is Syed iflaq

Syed Iflaq, known by stage name RK IBRAHEEMI, is a Rapper/Hip-Hop Singer and Songwriter from Kashmir. He took his name from his home province,Kashmir. (  Real Kashmiri).

Early life

He was born in 28/sep/2001 in the Indian-administered state of Jammu and Kashmir. He is the alumni of St Peters. Syed took to hip hop to render a voice to his thoughts and feelings and emotions. True to the roots and original spirit of hip hop,   RK has put himself out on the musical front line as an artist seeking to tap and harness the transformative power of this genre and to unleash its ability to serve in conveying emotions.


Some people say that RK  came up with music when he got a breakup from her girlfriend. He first started his journey as a poet and then gave musical shape to his poetry.

YYO(Young youth organisatio) is also the creation  of  Syed and Ayaan manzor


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